UNISON is currently the largest union in Europe to support employees in the public sector in Europe, representing the UK’s public sector with an estimated 1.3 million members. This includes jobs in sectors such as the police force, the NHS, education and many other jobs related to the government.  It was established in 1993 and is its current general secretary is Dave Prentis, who has held the position for over twelve years. UNISON was created when the NALGO, NUPE and COHSE unions merged together. UNISON is a large supporter of the Labour party and recently promoted and encouraged its members to re-elect Ken Livingstone as mayor for London.  

UNISON focuses on all jobs relating to the public sector and it therefore offers a lot of benefits to them. These include:

  • Representing employees at their workplace
  • Offering guidance on safety measures and pensions
  • Sending its members a magazine four times a year
  • Special privileges and deals for its members, including car breakdown services, insurance and holidays 

UNISON also greatly encourages its members to get involved with campaigning for the Labour party.

In May 2012, a woman who was a member of UNISON was involved in an accident on a road worksite which wasn’t her fault. She contacted the union and they put her into contact with a solicitor, after which the responsible party responded by admitting liability and compensating her for losses she incurred as she was unable to return to work due to severe damage to her wrists. Prentis has also recently taken the position of a non-executive director of the Bank of England.

UNISON is supported by a large number of independent companies and they offer discounts and benefits to any members. These include;

  • A 5% exclusive discount on car insurance at LV
  • Discounts at Vision Express
  • Personal Loans at Moneyway
  • Holiday discounts at UNISON Travel Club

UNISON also has their own holiday resort available for its members and their families, which is located in Devon.


Between £1.30 and £22.50 depending on your individual wages.

Contact details

Address Greater London UNISON
1st floor
Congress House
Great Russell St
Telephone 0845 355 0845
Website www.unison.co.uk
Email greaterlondonregion@unison.co.uk