Trade Unions in the UK

Welcome to On this site you will find a comprehensive directory of the most important trade unions in the UK with information on the history and values of the unions, the benefits they offer to members, and the costs of joining along with contact details.

Trade unions have long been established as a means of pooling the collective wills and resources of a workforce together and forming a voice through which employees can communicate their concerns to their employers and strive for better working conditions and pay.

Trade unions in the UK range from the positively gargantuan, such as Unite, which has millions of members countrywide in a number of varied industries, to the more recondite Association of Somerset Inseminators, which reportedly has just five members.

Joining a trade union, which can be done for a modest monthly fee, imparts on an employee a form of protection against unfair treatment from their employer. Included in a trade union’s remit of maintaining or improving conditions of employment can be the negotiation of wages, entitlement to leave and efforts to stamp out destructive forces in the workplace, such as discrimination and harassment. It is that solidarity between employees that the concept of a trade union is built upon.

A number of high-profile cases have shown that trade unions are a forced to be reckoned with; something that employers have all too often found to their cost.

What is not in doubt is that given the number of unions available (there are hundreds) and their diversity, their will be a trade union which will be able to represent your interest in a way which will be beneficial to your employment. Browse through our website to take a sneak peek at what the biggest unions can offer.